Skincare Mistake That Makes Your Acne Worse


Today we’re going to talk about the biggest skincare mistake that you might be making right now at this very moment. Those are either causing more acne or damaging your skin in generals. Before discussing specific skincare habits and skincare errors. The most fundamental thing I believe is that you do not trust your skin sufficiently. So you think that you need this sort of miracle fixed Today, we’re going to speak about the most common skincare errors that you may be doing right now. These are either creating more acne or causing overall skin damage.

Before delving into particular skincare habits and mistakes. The most basic issue, in my opinion, is that you do not trust your skin enough. So you believe you need this kind of miraculous cure from a topical skincare product. So you assault and then be aggressive to the skin, thinking that you need to do this to cure certain skin problems. Your skin is very clever. Your skin is also alive, a working organ that can heal and restore itself. Learn how to control cell turnover, close all dead skin cells, and manage sebum production as required. All your skin may require is simply basic Hydration and a comfy atmosphere for it to operate. Let’s get started on our skincare routines straight now.

The number one skincare mistake is cleansing oppressively and aggressively. And this includes washing your skin, bathing it several times a day, and using a more potent, more alkaline cleanser to remove everything on top of the skin. Some people believe that cleansing for 10-15 minutes will purify their skin. Of course, it is cleansing your skin, But at the same time, it is taking away all the essential components to moisturize your skin naturally. You are disrupting and damaging the skin barrier. The cleansers within the cleansers don’t know what to remove, the dirt, grind, sweat, and what to leave; thus, it removes everything. I have seen many beauty brands recommending to use their cleanser as more like 15 minutes purifying detoxifying mask. You are doing it at the expense of really damaging the skin barrier.

The second mistake in skincare: I made was physically abusing my skin with too many cotton pads, cleansing wipes, and maquila wipes and cleaning the towels to rub my skin aggressively. I was addicted to cotton pads because I know how instantly gratifying it feels to wipe away just makeup residues. was also addicted to using peeling pads like the COSRX one-step pimple pads. I used it so frequently that my skin barrier became severely damaged, and I developed mild contact dermatitis as a result. And it wasn’t because of any skincare formulas I use; it was because of the physical action of rubbing the cotton pads far too many times if you have to use cotton pads.

Instead of choosing one with embossing or exfoliating texture, opt for one with no texture at all, such as silky smooth. And when you’re using the cotton pad, make sure it is wholly drenched or drenched enough so that the dry surface doesn’t tear or scratch your skin and when you’re swiping it on your skin, Please be as gentle as possible. Do not apply any pressure to your hand’s fingers. Also, if possible, avoid towel drying your skin.

The third skincare mistake: Leaving cleansing water, wash your cleansing water on your skin or not after using a milder detergent or cleansing agent for purifying water agent than typical conventional foam cleansers, but it is still a surfactant. It still does dissolve the natural moisturizing factors and natural lipids you want to protect, and this is something that I learned from many dermatologists. They hate when you leave the cleansing water on your skin and use the cleansing water as a toner as a first step. After cleansing, gently rinse it away with lukewarm water.

The fourth skincare mistake is treating all areas of the skin equally. I’m not saying you need an eye cream or a particular product for your neck, forehead, or cheek. I’m just saying understand the physiological differences of different areas of your skin. For example, many people have an oilier t-zone. It’s a bit thicker. Here it’s a bit more resilient. The cheek area is where a lot of people get the most sunspots and hyperpigmentation. The eye area will be the thinnest and probably the most delicate and the most sensitive, and some people have rosacea on their cheeks. So that needs to be approached a little bit differently. For example, if you’re using a clay mask, Of course, the guide or how to use instruction would say apply this all over the skin, But you don’t need to listen to the brand.

You can tailor the teaching according to your skin needs, so I only apply to purify mask or drying ingredients on my t-zone because that’s more oily when moisturizing your skin. A perfect way to approach this is by controlling the moisturizer you use for different spots. I like to apply mainly on my cheek area, And whatever that remain for my hands or the fingers, I would apply that very gently or very slightly on the t-zone area.

If my cheeks are still dry, I’ll use the same moisturizer and apply another layer or a thicker layer on top. If my cheeks are still dry, I’ll apply another layer or a thicker layer of the same moisturizer on top. Especially when it comes to acne skin care products, too, I know many people use the acne skin care products a little bit mindlessly, Using it all over the skin, even to the areas where it doesn’t have acne. Understand and map out the differences in physiology on your skin. Do some spot treatment, and you’ll be fine.

The fifth skincare mistake is using a full range of active ingredients or an acne range. I know a lot of people follow the acne regime. Then they believe that they need to use every product in their skincare routine geared towards acne-prone skin, a facial wash for acne-prone skin and acne skincare toner, acne serum day cream, and night cream. I’m a firm believer that in your teenage years and up to your early 30s, Your baseline should always be Hydration and moisturization, and that is just creating the right environment for your skin to do its jobs. Then here and there, you can insert an active treatment like aha or BHA or a retinol product or vitamin product when your skin needs it.

Skincare Mistake Number Six: is simply shoving your skin and slathering it in a slew of different active ingredients that are stressing it out. Many of my palm farms do not, in my opinion, moisturize oily skin. I understand how easy it is to fall into the trap of believing that you must dry out your skin to balance it out. You guys know that is very far from the truth. Many of you guys have oily but dehydrated skin, and once you start genuinely hydrating and nourishing and moisturizing your skin, you found out that your skin is back in balance.

By hydrating and moisturising your skin, no longer produces greasy, gloopy sebum. You’re giving that cushiony and soothing environment for your skin to thrive. Don’t just up-wear products or product range that says it is for oily skin. Those can be pretty good, but also, a lot of the conventional products seem to be drying. You can constantly offer a lightweight, refreshing gel moisturizer to start if you are still scared of applying a moisturizer. That, I believe, is an excellent starting point.

Skincare mistake number seven uses way too many acne treatments, acne medications, and acne skin care products every day. It is undeniable that salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide can work, and they will deliver results overnight. Now I prefer to give my skin a little more time to function, repair, and recover rather than rely on acne medication to zap away the zit.

Skincare mistake number eight is using far more products than your skin requires. The critical point here is identifying what your skin craves and when your skin needs it. I’m not here to preach about a specific minimalistic approach to skincare routine as long as you know Each product and the skincare routine you selected to serve a purpose or serve a particular function based on your skin craving. It makes no difference how many steps you take.

Still, it becomes a little problematic to apply skincare products mindlessly and carelessly, drowning your skin and not giving yourself enough time to read your skin and identify what your skin needs, so more is never better. At the same time, there is a limit to how much your skin can absorb. So from the third layer or the fourth layer, it might only just stay on top of the skin. You aren’t getting the most out of the skincare product you purchased.

Skincare mistake number nine: starting anti-ageing skincare products way too young Anti-aging active ingredients such as Retinol and vitamin C and such do deliver results by pushing your skin cells to do a sure thing. So, in a way, they act as a personal trainer for your skin cells. As a result, your skin undergoes some stress, and this process may be beneficial for someone with ageing or mature skin. Causing unnecessary stress to the skin can lead to premature ageing or more information, so be aware of it, especially if you’re still in your teens and 20s. The best thing you can do for your skin to preserve your bounce, youth, and glow is to keep it hydrated, moisturized, and to apply sunscreen daily. That itself will protect your skin from inviting signs of ageing and, of course, stay away from inflammation-causing foods because that is a huge part.

Last but not least, this it’s not a skincare mistake, But it’s like one habit or one switch that upped and unenhanced my skincare game and my hair game and my sleep game. Switching my cotton pillowcase to a silk pillowcase is the best investment that I made for my well-being. But I do get fewer breakouts from my pillowcases.

Do you know those tiny pimples that appear out of nowhere when you wake up?

Pillowcases are much more hygienic, and it also regulates your temperature better, so it doesn’t heat your skin, and heat accelerates ageing. Cotton pillowcases are generally more absorbent, so they hold on to all the sweat and moisturizing hydrating layers you apply to your skin before bed. I don’t wake up with those annoying crease marks and the pillow lines and stuff of my skin, which is fantastic. I hope this was informative and helpful. If it was, please give it a thumbs up and also share this video with one friend who’s making these kinds of mistakes. I wish everyone can respect their skin and love their skin a little more because it deserves to be loved and cared for and respected. So give your skin more credit, and it’ll reward you with so much more.

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