Basic Nail Art Tools for beginners! The Nail Art Essentials

Nail Art Tools

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog. In this article, I will talk about the basic nail art essentials required for doing your nail art. Of course, there is no hard and fast requirement of them. You can create many designs with absolutely no tools or with some household things. But if you are thinking of learning nail art or considering doing your Nail art designs regularly, you can invest in some of the basic nail art tools so that your work will be more sorted and smoother. So let’s get started.

1.Dotting Tool

The first tool on my list is Dotting Tool. This is such an amazing Tool. These are dotting tools you get in a set. They are two-sided tools, so you get ten different dot sizes.They are very much user-friendly. It is effortless to use them. You can create various designs and patterns using dotting tools. You need to dip it into the color and place it over your nail to create the dot. So much easy! So by joining some dots, you can create so many designs. This was the first tool in which I invested when I started my nail art. They are not so expensive but are so much useful in your nail art journey.

2. Nail Art Brushes

The second nail art essential thing is the set of nail art brushes. These are different types of nail art brushes you get in the set. Some of them can be used to create thinner lines, i. e., striping brushes. There are a few with different sizes. They have generally retailed a set of brushes. Of course, you can use some of the other art brushes for nail art, but you might need to work on them to make them suitable for nail art. Also, they are sold almost at the same cost, so instead of that, it is always advisable to invest in nail art brushes specially designed for nail artwork. They are not so expensive too.

3.Striping tape

Striping tape is the thinner tape used to create nail art designs. This is the third wonderful nail art tools I can say. You can stick them on the nail to create the designs, or you can place them on the nail and then peel that off after applying polish. You can also use them as a guideline while painting your nail. The striping tapes are also not so expensive. You can get them online at a lesser price. Striping tapes are specially made for nail art, so you can, of course, invest in them. You can create so many fancy nail art patterns using striping tapes. I love them.

4. Nail Polish remover

Nail Polish remover is also one of the nail art tools to clean up your old nail polish or clean up the polish spread around the cuticles. Your work will be easier if you have a clean-up brush like this which can be dipped into the remover and used to clean your manicure.

5. Makeup sponge

The next nail art tools is the makeup sponge. Makeup sponges are very much useful to create ombre designs or for some other designs as well. You can use your regular makeup sponge for your nail artwork no other specific sponge is required for that. They can create wonders when you use them to create ombre. So get some makeup sponge with you.

6. Liquid latex

Liquid latex is the next nail art essentials. It aids so much while creating ombre, water marbles, and stamping as well. You need to apply it around the cuticle before using a sponge or stamp and peel that off once you are done.It makes cleaning very easy and less time-consuming. You can also use it while applying the nail polish if you are not confident about applying it without smudging it around the cuticle. So have the liquid latex with you.

7. Black & White Nail Polish

Now the next one is black & white nail polish.You might need black and white nail polish for some of the details in your design, where these colors are irreplaceable. So having good white and black polish is very important. While creating any animal-themed design, for example, to create an eye-like pattern, you will need black and white shades. They can be used as the base color while creating ombre designs. Black and white can also be used to create darker and lighter shades of colors you already have. The next thing is Rhinestones. There are various types of stones you get, and they are effortless to use. You can stick them with glue. They can give you beautiful, attractive nail art designs. so, it is not compulsory to have them, but it is the easiest and fastest way to beautify your nails.

8. Toothpicks and Scotch Tape

And now about the household things, they are generally found in your house easily, but they can play a vital role in your nail artwork. Two of such things are toothpicks and scotch tape. A toothpick can be used as a dotting tool to create some medium-size and tiny dots.They can also draw lines, sometimes generally when you are trying to create some messy lines. and Of course, you can create some smoother lines if you use them carefully.About the scotch tape, They are so much useful for water marble or sponge nail art. It can be used instead of liquid latex to cover the nail to protect it from smudging. They can also be used as guidelines while applying the polish. It make your life easy when it comes to nail art, like ombre, for a water marble, for a French manicure.

So here, we discussed the basic nail art tools. Of course, there are some other advanced tools, which might come as the next step. If you found this article useful, then give a big thumbs up! Thank you for reading this one. Check out my other articles as well!



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