My 5 top skin food tips for glowing skin!


You want gorgeous, glowing skin, but you believe it’s all about skincare. No, it’s also what you’re going to eat. So you don’t trust me. Beauty comes on the in and outside. I give you my top five tips for skin food, okay, my five tips for skin food.

Number 1. Is to stop buying packed and processed food. 

Just somewhere, do it by yourself. Why? Processed food has many other ingredients inside, Which your body doesn’t need. It is so important what you eat because it goes through you. Let’s say you have eight meters of the gut system, and something is sticking into your body, so you don’t have to think about what you put on your skin with a total percentage of a body area. These body areas that pass things your food gets stuck into your body, affecting every single cell. In particular also your skin cell and if this gets affected you ageing much faster, so processed food means mixed cooked combined with different kind of preservatives conservatives is of Sugar. Why do this?.buy your food and eat it by cooking yourself Or raw or combining things you love and do it yourself. If you don’t have the time to go to the grocery store and look for prepared things cooked Stir-fried but not breaded. So, for example, I love to fish.


So my Number 1. skin food is salmon But and I bought this in a local grocery store because it’s nothing added. It’s just fine; it didn’t have anything else—no breading. No extra sugar. I always glance at the back labels. Look at the Carbohydrate intake, and this one is always in Europe labelled with 100 grams. You Guys in the states, you have to be careful because the labels are sometimes per serving size could be tricky because sometimes it’s a spoon, Sometimes it’s a cup. It’s sometimes a cup. Sometimes it’s whatever, so it’s not standard, and it’s not legal in Europe.

We have it standardized. As a result, it’s much easier to combine or compare foods. So 100 grams and sugar carbs are less than 0.5, which is good. You should look at labels and never eat food higher than 5 grams of Sugar if labelled there. So look what it is. If you bought, Of course, go to farmer markets go to your local grocery stores. So you also can push the local business, and I love shiitake. I love mushrooms, but it’s so important, they are great for your immune system and which is excellent for the immune system, Of course, it is ideal for your skin as well, and of course, I love them because they’re perfect for digesting and So important also because they’re high in zinc. Still, it’s crucial. Were you getting them from so always look from the original Country because must? So maybe it’s somewhere around you, look for local things. There are anyway so much better okay so 

Number 2. Snacks

 I know how important it is to understand what you eat between your big meals, and I know how many of us are just talking on the phone and eating stressed eating or even eating because we are bored. Consider your options before putting something in your mouth. Remember? It’s working its way through your digestive tract. It’s affecting each cell and, so, also your skin cell. So what I love I love Almonds.

Why almonds? Because they are high in protein. They have a great source of different minerals, And I love to throw them in these plastic bags or any other bags to carry them. So every time I am a Little bit, Need something. I’m eating an Almond Ten of them because I know I adore them. I would eat the entire box if I would pack even worse I try to reduce this and Take like 10 or 15 each day. It’s excellent and Guys not Glazed not stuck with Sugar not funny caramelized with Sugar Even not roasted and wet best also not even salted so well Raw the best, so please Instead of selecting these snacks, which is we simply pure Sugar and bad for your skin Also don’t choose raisins right people to think oh I have that good. It’s as much a dried Raisin as it is a dried grape. Yes, but it’s dried out. So believe me when I say, Oh water and everything has been taken away. The rest is just Sugar, pure and simple. I mean, it’s sweet, which is why you like it. Okay, Almonds.

Number 3. Olive oil.


Let’s say unsaturated oil. So what does it mean? Of course, flaxseed oil is better since it contains the most Unsaturated fats within. What does it mean? Unsaturated consider binderies and imagine the binderies as octopuses sucking up all the Oxygen. As a result, all the free radicals, so the free radicals are kind of small, let’s say molecules, that are harming your Cells, so you know this because you’re probably using vitamin C or antioxidants for your skincare regime during the day But Guess. You have a lot of Oxygen, antioxidants, and free radicals in your body.

You want to get rid of, and so, we love Omega-3 with binderies, the right which is taking away this Oxygen, Thus Neutralizing them. Yeah, but guess what else can’t often? Its biochemistry removes these binderies, Oxygen specifically, and the Sun, so if you ever buy Olive oil, never buy it in a looking-through bottle. Try to figure out what UVA is doing. Already eliminating all unsaturated fats, all beneficial fats are gone. So why are they being used? Buy an olive oil bottle that is covered even by a foil or something that is not looking through very important, and now some I have been on the Seaside of Ibiza. As I said, I got olive oil there’s were standing forever in the Sun You can’t take any other cheap oil, and you don’t have to pay a lot for good olive oil. So, when you buy olive oil, make sure it’s well covered and permanently close it tightly. So if you keep it open, Oxygen and your UVA are destroying the oil, so it’s useless, okay, so olive oil and the right package.

Number 4.Drinks

It’s you are also what you drink, not just what you eat. So many people I see in the morning because I’m commuting I’m taking the train actually, and I see them already in the morning with their kind of coke or kind of energy drinks and a cigarette okay, let’s keep the cigarette up. Let’s talk about energy drinks. There is no energy except that They are taking power of you because the most thing is Sugar. So you get your glucose level up, your insulin level up, and then You fall into a big hole, and you’re exhausted. Why is Sugar doing this? So, how does Sugar caramelize? It is a massive molecule. It’s a vast Caramelizing your cells, and we mentioned anything damaging your cells are terrible for your skin, so let you eat, and you don’t want this. So, if you drink anything to drink water, if it’s too dull for you and a little bit of fresh lemon to add a little bit of orange inside, add a little bit of Lemon juice inside, even create a cucumber. It’s so much better than everything else and looks at labels. Don’t say it’s good because it’s organic, pure, and natural; if there’s Sugar inside, it doesn’t matter where you think the Sugar comes from. It’s made from a cane. Is Cane a natural product? So there’s no sugar. So, even if you buy orange juice and think to yourself, “Oh, you read it.” It’s something positive for you. If it is not fresh, you are drinking the orange juice immediately after pressing it. Believe me when I say that all Oxygen and UVA destroy everything on the inside, and believe me when I say that. There’s so much Sugar inside; look at the labels, Look at the carbohydrates, compare them, and you think of me in orange juice. It’s more than 100 grams most of the time, more than 50% than pure Sugar. It would help if you had this Yeah, so stick with the water.

Number 5 Tomatoes

I love tomatoes because tomatoes or any Colorful vegetables are high in antioxidants Or something. What is Preserving yourselves? What does it mean anti.exactly.against oxygen free radicals, so it’s like a kind of like Like a protection shields; these are antioxidants For yourself, and it doesn’t matter. It’s on the outside from the inside. So, believe me when I say that eating is so important because you’re consuming everything to protect yourself, and there was an excellent study that demonstrated this.

Actually, in Berlin and at the university, some people support or prefer farmer eggs or free-range eggs. Compared to people who ate like this kind of cheap eggs straight from stress chicken, they demonstrated. The skin with a microscope could label the antioxidant level, and yes, These guys who aid free-range eggs had almost a tenfold higher Antioxidant level than these guys who ate these very cheap eggs. So nowadays, I’m probably buying the most expensive and free-range eggs or just going next to my farmer and buying them fresh there. So I love eggs, of course, in moderation because they have a high antioxidant intake. Still, they have to be new, and tomatoes also have a high antioxidant level, But tomatoes are so much better if you fry them. With the frying process, you get this Lycopene and, like a prominent Antioxidant, protect yourself okay. So what I’m trying to say is that you are what you eat. You may spend a lot of money on skincare if you’re not eating the proper foods, but if you’re not eating the right foods, you’ll still have imperfect skin. Okay, I don’t say that just by eating you get a great skin I say it’s one wheel, So it is like a Swiss watch a couple of wheels have to move before the big hand is moving and believe me, Skinfood or food is a big one, So I hope you like that. I’m hoping you’ve got a few ideas in mind. So, the next time, bring some almonds. If you like peanuts, take them and then open them, okay—bye, Guys.

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