Top 12 Skincare tips for oily skin

Skincare for oily skin

If you get oils on the face, suffering from acne. Your skin is oily, or combination skin and You are not sure what can be done to avoid the oils and what skincare routine to follow. Which product should I use on such skin type?

I will be giving all the tips and tricks and information on that topic, so make sure to read till the end. What can be done to avoid boils on the face, acne, and all oily skin-related issues will talk about is your skin oily and how do you identify your skin tone? And why does the skin appears to be oily? And will talk about what are the reasons for having oily skin. If you find the reasons behind oily skin from the root, your skin won’t be oily anymore, and even if it is oily, it will be healthy and clear without boils.

#1 What do you have, Oily Skin? 


Only and only genetics is the biggest reason for oily skin. You are born with your skin. Someone has curly hair, cat eyes, white eyes. Some are born with oily skin, so based on your Genetics, you are born with Oily Skin Type.

#2 Clog Pores

Compare to other many times your skin produces more moisture around the face, many times you receive pores on the front. These pores are big because our skin produces an oil called Sebum. Our skin has various layers. It is not a flat surface; there are many layers through which our skin is made. So out of all the layers, Sebum is produced on the lowest level of the skin. So sebum oil is produced, and your skin has a lot of it compared to others, which is why it comes up and forms a gap known as “Clog Pores” and around this clog infection. Bacteria are included, which we called “Acne/Boils/Pimples.”

#3 Your makeup spread all over your face.

Often you don’t apply foundation, or due to excess oil on your face, the makeup spread all over the beginning. If you are facing such issues, your skin is Oily Type.

#4 Good things about oily skin

Now, all things are not bad. If you have oily skin, you get fine lines, and when you smile, your skin gets fold, and you often look older than your age. All these issues don’t happen due to oily skin. Excess oil and excess moisture get released from your skin layer, especially on your face, even If your entire body looks oily. Your skin gets fold it’s because the skin layers release a lot of oil and moisture.

#5 What are the reasons for Oily Skin?

There are four main reasons for oily skin. Suppose you don’t control these four reasons from the roots. In that case, even if you use any expensive products available around the world, your skin will be oily. You will get acne, boils, pimples, everything. The reasons are first, Hormones, second, stress, third, diet, and fourth, hydration.

# 6 Hormones

This is the most crucial part of any individual. Hormones are the most influential factor in women’s lives. There are two types of hormones, Testosterone, and Estrogen, in our body. In a male’s body, the level of testosterone is high. Suppose this level of Testosterone increases and Estrogen decreases in the women’s body. In that case, an imbalance occurs in a woman’s body. As a result of the imbalance activity, many changes occur outside the body, such as an increase in androgen hormone levels, an excess release of oil, which is why you get pimples, boils, which many people refer to as “heat boils.” All of this occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance inside your body. You can also get a side reaction on the skin if you take contra septic pills or When you are on medication.

The hormonal response and imbalance are so strong inside our body which results in reaction on your skin. The imbalance and side effects are so severe that they can be visible outside your body, from dark circles under the eyes to hair loss to pimples and boils on the face or boils on the back. Your hormones are the leading cause of all of this. Even if you use the most expensive face wash or other products, you will not have clear and healthy skin unless your internal body hormones are balanced. So to stay healthy,

You can take a blood test or get a hormonal test or if you can consult a gemologist/physician or doctor and talk about your problems. Acne and pimples also happen due to improper periods so consult the doctor. Because the oil is released from within, boils/acne/pimples form due to internal imbalance, and the outer layer accounts for 20-30% of the problem. Almost 70% of the problems you face are hormonal in nature, so get to the bottom of the issue. So work for the internal problem first, and the outside issue will be resolved.

#7 Diet


Everyone is good at suggesting and giving options from outside. It can be through TV or through someone who wants to sell their products or any big company that wants to sell products. Of course, I said the outside skin routine is a must, but it’s not the deciding factor. The food you eat is what will reflect in your outside body. Many people are allergic to dairy products; I used to be one of them; whenever I ate paneer, I got many boils and pimples on my face. I did not understand what was happening. Still, in dairy products, recently, cows and buffalos are given much hormonal food and medication. Also, many times, hens are given an injection for hormonal balance. Its reaction gets transfer to the milk they provide or the eggs they give.

All dairy products are one we consume, resulting in the hormonal imbalance in the women’s body and seeing your face and body and getting boils and pimples and other skin. I have my friend who consumes milk coffee, and the very next day, she gets a spot, so that’s why she only has to drink black coffee. So you take care of your diet and consume or intake complex carbohydrates, protein or salad, or leafy vegetables. The more you intake healthy food, it is seen out on your body, and your body and skin glow. So make sure you keep a check on your diet and eat healthy food.

#8 Hydration

Now you will say the skin is already oily from the inside, then what is the relation between hydration and oily skin. It has the most crucial connection whenever you come from outside and use high harmful ingredients face wash, over-exfoliate the skin, rub the skin to remove the makeup. The oil from the outer layer of the skin is clear. Your skin becomes dry, which gives a signal to the inner layer, and excess fat is release due to dryness in the upper layer. So whoever says don’t moisture your face or don’t hydrate your skin are the people who give you the wrong suggestion. So keep this thing in your mind even if your skin is oily. Hydration is the most crucial part of healthy and glowing skin. If your skin is hydrated, it won’t release excess oil.

#9 Skincare routine

So now we’ve arrived at the final section, which is the skincare routine for acne-prone skin, which includes what creams or products to use to treat pimples. Before starting that point, one important thing you should consume/intake is at least 3-4 litres of water daily; it helps in detox. You frequently consume a lot of oily and spicy foods, have hormonal imbalances, have difficulty sleeping. So on, so hydration is the most important part of flushing out the toxic outside your body. The people who intake at least 3-4 litres of water hardly face any skin related issues.

So starting with first most important is CTM, which s cleansing, toning, moisturizing. This article is not only for oily skin, but also for combination skin, which includes people with an oily scalp, nose, and other normal or dry faces, as well as those with sensitive, oily skin.

#10 Moisturizer 


The Moisturizer for oily skin is always water-base. It contains a lot of water level and very little alcohol. Story and almost without oil, and it is not thick. Sesderma Hydraderm Facial Cream, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel is a good moisturizer. Cetaphil also has a facial Moisturizer, especially for oily skin. Clinique also has a water-based moisturizer in their products range of 72-hour moisturizer cream, which is also good.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water gel contains one ingredient which might be allergic to few people to check the ingredient before purchasing. Or you can take a small travel pack it’s not costly, apply that on a small patch on hand and see if it suits your body or not. You can use it on your neck for 2-3 days as a trial daily before going to sleep. If any product doesn’t suit your face, you can apply it to the neck, back, hands or legs and finish that product.

# 11 Toner

Now face wash done, Moisturizer done, so now it’s time for the middle product, Toner. Many people don’t know the use of Toner. Toner is used basically for two reasons. Toner can be hydrating; you can use the Toner before applying the Moisturizer. It can be used for exfoliating after using the face wash. You can take a small piece of cotton and gently apply it to your face to clean your face. It is used between the gap when you are done after washing your face and before applying Moisturizer.

You have to spray the rose water on your face, and you can take it in cotton and wipe it off on the front. It has to be kept in the fridge and in cold condition. Rosewater is the best and most affordable Toner for your skin. You can keep ice from the refrigerator, keep that in the soft cotton cloth and rub it across your face; that is also the best Toner for your skin.

#12 What kind of mask should you use?

People with oily skin should use Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask From the body Shop. If you have oily skin, always prefer using a cleansing mask instead of a hydrating mask. This body shop clay mask is good. You should apply the mask, let it dry, keep it for 10 minutes, and wash it off. You can apply it twice a week. After applying any mask, don’t forget to apply Moisturizer. Don’t leave your face dry after using the mask.

Be happy, Be Safe

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